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We welcome you to the S. M. Kennedy Project and our Love, Life, Sex! website. The project features writers whom all write under the S. M. Kennedy Pen name. The project provides foundation for these writers to strengthen their knowledge and creativity in fictional writing.

Love, Life, SEX!

“As I strolled down the path of life, I noticed in my own life there were pieces of information missing to better myself for those around me. Information so important, that the sheer weight of my lacking knowledge hurt them, offended them, distanced them.”

S. M. Kennedy

It is a vision of writing that allows writers to become literary artists, captivating sole, mind, and body through article like stories and thoughts. “Love, Life, Sex!” provides the grounds writers to find the fine line in the medium of fiction through truth in their personal lives and thus their reality.

Each article presents a topic in the writer’s life, which represents a piece of information, which is missing. They tell a story about a character whom faces the same challenge as the writer and then how the character addresses, and learns from the knowledge gained while addressing it.

Our Topics

Each of the three categories provides an area of discussion for the writers to explore. The materials contained, based on facts; but have been included in to a fictional story about those whom they hinder.

Each writing discusses the topic, and provides the reader with a format, which takes the character from the start of their issue through to the finish. The information provided should not be used by reader as professional advice and does not substitute for talking to medical professionals.

Our article topics include:


Discover the mysteries of love and relationships understand the turmoil and feel the joy that comes from a lasting, loving relationship.

Love is not an emotion, but the overwhelming accumulation of all things, which bring me joy. – S. M. Kennedy


The challenges of daily life often hidden by the realities of our world. Discover the answers to life’s challenges, and ways to achieve success in daily life.

Life has little secrets, which I have come to refer to as mysteries. Unless you are taught them as a child, you must learn them, sometimes difficultly as an adult. – S. M. Kennedy


We knew we would get your attention with this topic. This NSFW topic brings the erotic writings often called “Mommy Porn.” Discover the magic and power that form meaningful and powerful human sexual experience.

The pleasures, far out weight the technical details of scientific human reproduction. Leaving you weak, tired, yet purely satisfied in ways only found is great desire.

S. M. Kennedy


The blending of adult life, writers are free to blend our three topics into a single article, or otherwise bring a category to those topics, which blend in a way with another or all of the topics.

What I experienced in high school social groups teaches how to interact for a successful life. It was what I learned in the kindergarten sandbox that I now regret I was never able to blend into my own life for happiness. – S. M. Kennedy

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Love, Life, Sex! is an website focused on the erotic writtings of S. M. Kennedy. Vistor Discresion is advised.VISITOR DISCRETION ADVISED

The content on the S. M. Kennedy Project includes works of fiction that contain course language, sexually explicit depictions, and sexual graphic images. ADULT AUDIENCES May find this content offensive, and not personally suitable.